Credit Recovery

Jeffco Virtual Academy

They offer credit recovery courses in the four core areas for high school level only during the Spring and Fall semesters; English, Math, Social Studies, Science. They do not offer CR for World Language, PE, Electives, or middle school courses.

Students can take up to 2 CR courses. Space is limited.

Cost is $20 processing fee; no course fee.

Students will need to complete an Intro to JVA for Credit Recovery as part of the enrollment process.

None of their CR courses anytime throughout the year are NCAA approved.

Students need to work with their home high school counselor so they can complete the needed counselor verification form before students will be enrolled.


North Area Night School

Each 1/2 credit course costs $115. Fees are required at the time of registration; no refunds will be given.

The credit recovery courses offered at North Area Night School are not approved for NCAA requirements. Please contact the Director if you need your course to be approved by the NCAA for eligibility purposes.