Life Skills

Ms. Mulvaney and Ms. Evans co-teach this class in W203 during 1st period.

In this course, students will

  • Analyze how family, peers, media, culture, and technology influence healthy choices 
  • Use a decision-making process to make healthy decisions about relationships and sexual health
  • Support others in making positive and healthful choices about relationships
  • Develop and maintain the ongoing evaluation of factors that impact health, and modify lifestyle accordingly
  • Analyze the interrelationship of physical, mental, emotional, and social health
  • Set goals, and monitor progress on attaining goals for future success
  • Advocate to improve or maintain positive mental and emotional health for self and others
  • Develop self-management skills to improving health by staying tobacco, alcohol, and drug-free
  • Analyze the factors that influence community and societal beliefs that underlie violence, and describe relationships, attitudes, behavior, and vulnerability to violence
  • Identify the emotional and physical consequences of violence, and find strategies to deal with, prevent, and report them
  • Access valid information and resources that provide information about sexual assault and violence
  • Demonstrate verbal and nonverbal communication skills and strategies to prevent violence
  • Advocate for changes in the home, school, or community that would increase safety

To show their proficiency towards each skills, students will complete lessons through the School Connect curriculum.