I lead a respectful classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple policies. As a student it is your responsibility to comply with these policies.  I have a high expectation of academic excellence from every student.  When you are in my class your focus is on academics and nothing else.   


Appropriate Language- Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward all other students at all times. As we discuss controversial topics, I expect respect! Hateful comments concerning race, gender, sexuality, political views, appearance, or of any other type will not be tolerated; this applies to serious as well as "joking" comments.

Leave the Food at Home- Students may not eat in the classroom. Bottles of water are permitted.

No Cell Phones-Cell phones should be placed in your assigned sleeve.  This is how I take attendance, so please do not forget.  They must remain in the sleeve during the entire class (even if you leave to use the restroom).

Restroom-Please ask to use the restroom at appropriate times (transitions/independent work).  Do not ask while I am instructing or during the first and last 10 minutes of class.

I Need to See Your Eyes- Students must be engaged in class, they may not sleep or be distracted online while in class. To prevent this, a student's eyes must be open and visible to the instructor at all times. When I say "screens down," you will tilt the screen to a 45 degree angle, or turn off the monitor.

Dismissal- The bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.  Please do not pack up until I have indicated it's time.  If you pack-up early you will stay late.


Be on Time- Be in your assigned seat and working on your opening question when the bell rings.

Bring Your Stuff- Make sure to bring required books and materials to every class, unless told otherwise by the teacher. Materials include:

  • Charged Chromebook
  • Paper (binder or spiral notebook is sufficient)
  • Pencil or pen
  • Headphones

Listen- Pay attention and stay seated when someone is speaking. Follow directions the first time they are given.

No Opt Out-You must be engaged in class.  You may not opt out of: answering questions, group discussions, partner/independent work . . Not being engaged will have a negative impact your grade.  

Academic Honesty- It is expected that students will use genuine, sincere, and fair means for the accomplishment of the tests, tasks, or projects from which evaluations of progress shall be determined. Students found plagiarizing; copying or cheating in any way will receive automatic zeros. Flagrant or repeated offenses will result in a suspension.  Cheating includes copying another’s work and will not be tolerated.


Attendance is one of the biggest indicators of success.  Please check the website/Google Classroom when you are absent AND talk to me.  All tests and quizzes must be made up in office hours or connections immediately after you return to school.  If your absence(s) is excused you have two days to get the work turned in for full credit.  If your absence(s) is unexcused 50% credit will be awarded.  50% will also be deducted for late work.


To turn in work late you must have direct permission from me and fill out the work submission form (SEE GOOGLE CLASSROOM-CLASSWORK UNDER DAILY BUSINESS FOR FORM). Please include a direct link to the assignment in the “Link” section, or write that you handed in a hardcopy.  No work can be turned in after a certain period of time (usually the end of the unit).  I will communicate those cut-off dates to all students.