AP Geography Textbook Information

Required Text: 
The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography AP Edition, 12th Edition James M. Rubenstein, Miami University of Ohio ©2017.
Buying Options:
  • New - This is the most expensive option.  Your student will be able to try and sell his/her book to the following year's class at the end of the second semester or to one of the used textbook sites.  
  • Used-  There are not that many used options out there but if you find one feel free to go that route.  I am not worried about a used book that is highlighted or annotated.  We will be covering the chapters using guided worksheets and other reading strategies.  
  • Rent-Students can rent a book for about $40/semester.  
  • eTextbook - Students who go this route should like to read electronically (though some companies may offer an option to print your own). 

Textbook Sites:  (Amazon also has a rental option) - This site compares prices from other sites.  

Please keep in mind:
  • The International or Global Edition (paperback) is not the same book.
  • Most rentals are for the semester so you will need to get an extension or re-rent in December.