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The math department wants all of our students to be ready for what the 21st century has in store for them and are using a variety of websites to help all of our students meet their learning goals. Below is a list of sites that teachers may use in their classes to help you student. This list is updating constantly, and not all teachers will use all of these websites. 

Website  Link Purpose 
 Khan Academy
Used for student homework and for PSAT and SAT preparation. 

 Brain Genie
 Used for student homework and in class assignments.

 Used as a graphing utility and for in class activities.

 Google Classroom  
Used as a way to assign homework and keep up with class events


 Used for classwork. homework, quizzes and tests. 

 Ed Puzzle
 Videos and work to help in class and for homework 

Used for brain breaks, review, and other activities in class.