Mrs. Kramer

Mrs. Kramer teaches English 11 and 12th Advanced Placement Literature and Composition.
Pickleball information: Mrs. Kramer started the AWHS Pickleball Club (founded in Sept. 2019).  Pickleball Club is on "hold" for now, and hopefully the club can play this fall.  Updates will be posted here. 

Period 1: 12 AP Literature & Composition
Period 2: Planning
Period 3: English 11 
Period 4: English 11 
Period 5: English 11
Period 6: 12 AP Literature & Composition
Period 7: English 11
Period 8: Planning
Advisement: Grade 11
Contact Information:
v.m.: 303-982-1349


Q.:  What happens if Schoology crashes?  How will I find the daily work?
Click on your grade level below to access the Google slide deck for the daily work information.  
11th grade
12 AP

For Monday, August 24: 
Q.:  How do I join Mrs. Kramer's class?

1. Click here to access the link into Schoology and for day 1 instructions
2. Once you are in your Schoology account, go to "Courses" and find the class in which you are scheduled:
12th graders:
Period 1: 12 AP - Kramer (look for the yellow pool cue ball with a "1")  
Period 6: 12 AP - Kramer (look for the green pool cue ball with "6")

11th graders:
Period 3: English 11 - Kramer (look for the red pool cue ball with a "3")
Period 4:  English 11- Kramer (look for the  purple pool cue ball with a "4")
Period 5:  English 11- Kramer (look for the orange'ish pool cue ball with a "5")
Period 7:  English 11- Kramer (look for the  burgundy pool cue ball with a "7")

Click the appropriate class.
3.  In the "Materials" section of the course, you will see information on logging into a Google Meet.
4.  Link and join the Google Meet and class will be conducted via Google Meet.
5.  While in Google Meet, I require that you mute your mic until I call on you or you are ready to participate in discussion. We will experiment with discussion strategies via Schoology and Google. Please be patient.

Q: What materials do I need for class?
Well, a laptop.  I also require you to have a notebook and a pen or pen handy. I have students do practice writings, jot down notes and observations regularly, so I expect students to always have a notebook ready when class starts along with a charged laptop. 

Q: What do I do if I am absent?
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to review the daily course work in Schoology prior to returning to class following an absence. Review the daily course work first, then ask any relevant questions during office hours.  I will not take time during class to go over what was missed the previous class period (unless it is to review specific material).  Advocate for yourself.  Problem solve.  

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