Earth Science Syllabus

2019-2020 Earth Science Policies & Procedures

Instructor: Ms. Wendi Fisher

Email (preferred): 

Voicemail: 303-982-1286

Welcome to Earth Science! I would like to call this class, “How Stuff Works” since we will try to figure out the basic dynamics of the Universe, our place in the Universe (solar system), the internal and external forces which shape our planet (plate tectonics), the process responsible for creating the materials we use in our everyday lives (natural resources), and the dynamic nature of the gaseous envelope which surrounds the Earth (meteorology). Classroom Expectations:

1. Respect for yourself: Attend class, be on time, be prepared, have a positive attitude and demonstrate integrity. Give 100% effort.

2. Respect for others: Listen without interrupting and value input from classmates and the teacher. Work together during partner/group work. Degrading comments, gestures, and harassment are not tolerated. 

3. Respect of property: Check equipment for damage before using it and report any damage to the teacher. Do not deface property that does not belong to you. Clean up any messes you make and throw away your trash. Follow directions carefully, especially during labs.

4. Respect for learning: Everyone learns in a different way, thus where will be both quiet, independent work time and time to work in a group and ask questions. Participate in independent, partner, and group work-all three play an important role in learning. Help each other learn by participating fully in activities and asking questions. 

Grading Scale 60% Formative Assessments (labs, projects, homework assignments, CER's, quizzes, etc...) -You may turn in any formative assessment up to 1 week late for half credit. ​After 1 week the assignment will be accepted for no credit. -You may redo/retake any formative assessment as long as the following criteria are met: 1. The original assignment was turned in on time. 2. The original assignment was 100% complete. 3. The original assignment was quality work. 4. The unit test has not been given yet. 5. The retake/redo grade will be the new score, regardless if it is higher than the original score. 30% Summative Assessments (unit tests & finals) 10% Classroom Culture (Assignments graded for completion, reflections, etc...) It will be up to the teacher’s discretion if the grade is rounded up (ie: If you have an 89.5%). This will be based on many factors including, but not limited to-work completion, number of missing assignments, class participation, overall effort put into the class, etc... A: 100%-90% B: 89%-80% C: 79%-70% D: 69%-60% F: 59% and lower Technology Tools: -EdPuzzle: Used to assign content related videos with built in comprehension questions and quizzes. -PhET simulations: PhET Interactive Simulations, a project at the University of Colorado Boulder, is a non-profit open educational resource project that creates and hosts explorable explanations. -Google Classroom: All daily work, agenda slides, and notes will be assigned via Google Classroom. There is a built in calendar to help students stay organized and on top of due dates.

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