Biology Syllabus

Miss Carter’s Biology Syllabus 2017 – 2018


This is a photo of a cell taking a "cell-fie" (selfie).

Teacher: Alyssa Carter
Voicemail: (303)982-1305


Welcome to Biology!

The biology curriculum is a one-year laboratory-oriented course designed to foster an understanding of the many areas of life science.  The pace and amount of material in this course is quite demanding and will require motivation and discipline from each student. The content and structure of this course is in accordance with the Colorado Academic Standards.


1st Semester Topics
Chemistry of Life
Energy of Life
Human Impact on the Environment

2nd Semester Topics
DNA the Basis of Life
Disruption to Homeostasis
Evidence of Change Over Time

Class Materials

- Single subject lined composition notebook for all work

-  Pencil and pen (blue or black only)

-  Folder

-  Charged Chromebook

-  Scotch Tape


Classroom Expectations:

It’s all about respect.

  • Respect of self:  attendance, no missing assignments, turn in work you are proud of, positive attitude, 100% effort.
  • Respect for others:  good, healthy discussions are educational; harassment and degrading comments are not tolerated.
  • Respect of property:  no defacing school property, including lab materials; follow directions carefully during class and labs.
  • Respect for the learning process:  everyone learns at a different pace and in a different way; help each other out.

Classroom Routines:

1. Please be in your assigned seat and have your materials ready by the time the bell rings.

2. Check the front board for the day’s assignments, activities, and materials needed for the day.

3. Begin working on daily question quietly in your lab notebook immediately while attendance is taken.

4. Please ask to use the restroom at appropriate times (passing period, lunch, transitions/independent work). Use of the bathroom during class will be limited to after the first 10 min and before the last 10 min of class. Do not ask while we are instructing or at the beginning/end of class.

5. Keep your notebook organized! Come in for help during Office Hours or Connections if you need assistance.

6. Cell phones should be placed in your assigned sleeve. This is how we take attendance, so please do not forget. They must remain in the sleeve during the entire class (even if you leave to use the restroom).

7. No food or drink in the classroom.  You will have to throw away any food items you bring into the classroom.  This is according to district policy.  Plus, this is a science lab and eating in it is gross.

8. The bell does not dismiss you.  When everyone is seated and the classroom is clean and organized, we will dismiss you.


· Excused Absence:  For each excused absence you have 2 school days to make up missed work .If you miss class for any reason, you should first check my website for your missed work, then you should come into Connections or Office Hours with any questions, to do labs etc.

· Unexcused Absence:  My policy regarding unexcused absences is the same as the district policy and varies based on the situation.  Refer to the Jeffco Conduct Code Manual for details.

· Tardies: It is important that you are on time to class.  I will enforce the school wide tardy policy- which includes consequences such as phone calls home, detention or suspensions.

· Electronics policy: All students will place their phones in an assigned spot of an organizer at the beginning of class.  If a phone is not in its assigned spot the student will be marked absent.  If a student refuses, he/she will be marked absent.  If a student does not have their device but is present in class they should speak with me before class starts so they are not marked absent. We will sometimes use phones in class but only when directed to do so by myself.  If a student is caught with their phone when they should not have it then he/she will be marked absent, receive a deduction in participation points, and parents/guardians will be notified.

·  In Class Work /Late Work:  You can redo any graded work in class for 100% credit until the unit exam is given. This includes quizzes and in-class work. If you do not attempt an in-class assignment you can only receive 50% credit when completed. No makeup work will be accepted once the unit exam has been given.

In general if you miss class during the course of the year, it is your responsibility to determine what work you missed to make it up in a reasonable amount of time. You can find classwork and homework by checking my website or coming in for Office Hours and Connections. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS.  I do understand that emergencies or unique situations may arise, if so, please communicate with me and exceptions may be made.

Labs: Missed labs must be made up by the end of the following week, during Connections. A makeup day will be set and all missed labs must be made up at that time.

You must have a signed district safety contract in order to participate in labs.

Academic Integrity: I expect each student to produce high quality work that reflects their best effort and is a true reflection of their strengths and skills.

  • Although discussion is a very valuable part of the learning process, your work should be a reflection of your own thoughts.
  • It is unacceptable:
    • To use someone else’s paper to copy answers (the person who “loans” the paper is just as guilty)
    • To have “wandering eyes” in a test situation
    • To copy/use material directly from a resource (Ex. Internet website, textbook, etc.)
      • You may be subjected to google searches or may be asked to turn in your work through an online plagiarism tool.
      • You must learn how to put information into your own words; don’t be lazy
    • If any of these items occur, it will result in a “0” for the assignment for all students involved.

Grading Scale:

Your grade is based on a points earned in the following areas.  

Class Element



Can redo to earn back points.


Cannot redo or do corrections. This is where I test your learning to see what you know.


See late work policy above. Check website for missed work if absent.

Final Project

End of 1st semester project about climate change and ecosystems.


Grades will be a percentage based on number of points earned out of total points. Letter grades will be assigned according to the following scale (Grades are rounded up):

A = 89.5% and above

B = 79.5% - 89.4%

C = 69.5% - 79.4%

D = 59.5% - 69.4%

F = 59.4% and below                                                                                                                  

It is your responsibility to use Portal to check your current grade and make sure that it corresponds to your returned graded assignments. Keep all returned work as it is the only way to verify your grade in the grade book.


Please access the class website on a regular basis. This site will include the contact information, location and times of Office Hours, Connections, class schedule, syllabus, class calendars, daily agendas, etc.