AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science (APES)

Instructor: Christopher Madsen


Voicemail: 303-982-1362


Book Information:

This year is the first year of a College Board redesign of the AP Environmental Science curriculum.  Major changes were made to the structure and information that students will be tested on.  Therefore, a new text is being used this year for this course:

Environmental Science for AP® 3rd Edition, by Andrew Friedland, Rick Relyea

There are two options:

ISBN 9781319113292 -- Print student edition - $140.24

ISBN 9781319247287 -- VitalSource eBook 1 year - $84.14 (Recommended)

To order call 540-672-7744 with the following information:

  • Name, billing and shipping information, and school (Arvada West)
  • Credit card information

Students will need to obtain the book for this course before September 2nd.